Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fried Plantain 'n' Bread

Fried plantains with bread and crackers
This is a very common breakfast choice for Jamaicans. Sometimes we might add eggs but most times we make our Fried Plantains, bread and a cup of tea and we are off on our daily journeys.This maybe filling, however it isn't a meal. Fried plantains, although they are sweet and resemble ripe bananas are considered to be Staples.

We have already established that a meal should contain at least three of the six food groups. However, a meal of Fried Plantain and Bread is simply a meal of staples.Adding some eggs will make this selection a meal. Fried plantain and bread is NOT a meal.
Fried Plantains

We also sometimes consume Macaroni with tinned corned beef with Rice. Macaroni and Rice are both staples. I am pointing this out to you because as small and as insignificant as this may seem,these calories add up. We will end up consuming the Rice, calculating it as our staple and fail to account for the macaroni because as far as we are concerned this is our meat kind.There are many other examples of us mixing staples as meals. Feel free to name them below.

Contrary to common practice, macaroni is a staple, and can be consumed with a food from animal, not just in a salad but as a meal.
You can read and review the Eating to Survive series  and become familiar with the food groups and the amount that is considered to be a serving. You will see that Plantain and Bread are indeed in the same food group, as is Macaroni (pasta) and Rice.

As we all know recently the increase in prices for flour and rice in Jamaica has affected every household. My household was no different. Since I am responsible for meal preparations I have started to mix and match with staples to ensure that daily requirements are met.
 This has resulted in me having to use pasta as our meal accompaniment, much to the delight of my youngest sister. We have also increased the use of Ground provisions  and prepare more one pot meals. We have not lost a step since these price increases due to proper planning.

Remember that being Food Savvy is about educating yourself so as to make proper choices. Take a look around this blog  and see if you like it. Tell a friend.


Corve said...

I would eat this every morning..this never gets boring.

Tanya said...

I know right!! Just add some protein and your good to go. It's worth knowing for those persons on a strict diet though.

Armada Volya said...

My husband is crazy about everything that has grain in it, I have to constantly find new ways to add veggies to it. Granted he uses up a lot of calories, so I guess he needs it, but there are only so many pies I can eat.


Tanya said...

Thank you Armada. This is true. I always encourage persons to get more creative in the Kitchen, and I commend you for doing that.
I guess adding foods from the legume group could be your next project.
Good Luck.. :)