Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I don't do Yogurt, I eat Yogurt

yogurtDuring the my second year at University I was introduced to the wonders of Yogurt . I was fascinated by the product and I was able to make yogurt in Food Microbiology class. These experiences started my obsession with Yogurt.

Yogurt is a healthful food made by adding good bacteria to pasteurized milk. This bacteria works with the milk and the end result is the characteristic thick, creamy texture and tangy taste that is called yogurt.

Purchasing yogurt can be pretty confusing if you don't know what to look for, it's pretty simple however.
Yogurt offers many benefits to the body some of which include, aiding in the regulation of the digestive system and being a source of many nutrients like, calcium, protein and the B- vitamins. Yogurt is said to be very useful in weight control. 
On  supermarket shelves today, there are many brands of Yogurt that promise many things  to the consumer. The first thing to note is that the brand of Yogurt that is heat treated do not offer alot of benefits, you should instead gravitate towards Yogurt that have live and active cultures as is pictured below. 
These have good bacteria, that aid the digestive tract in replenishing and maintaining it's good flora.This is very important especially if you have recently been taking antibiotics. 
Yogurt is a better alternative to Ice cream in that it actually contributes positively to you nutrition. 
Go ahead and add Yoghurt to your diet today.