Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Good ol' homecooking

Jamaican Beef Patty
Food is a large part of our Jamaican culture. Due to this the food industry and by extension the fast food industry is a very lucrative one within the country.

We have established our own unique fast food restaurants catering to our our people and our culture on a whole.Examples of indigenous fast food restaurants are, Juici patties, Mothers, Tastees, Island grill along with the internationally recognised K.F.C, Wendy's, Burger King and Popeye's. And of course our traditional cook shops, restaurants. 

The most prevalent message that is known by EVERYONE is that fast food is bad for your health. You should avoid it as much as possible because of the preparation methods and the large amounts served. However, from experience I can attest to the fact that persons of ill health do not consume any one type food that lead them to this state.

Fast food has gained it's notoriety from its reputation for being tasty, fairly cheap, and super convenient to buy. And it will continue to keep it because of this. Fast food in and of itself is not bad, and most fast food restaurants due to public outcry have added more healthful options to their menus. This is a start.

While the benefits home cooked meals, if prepared in a healthy way are greater, we have to acknowledge that everyone does their own thing their own way and therefore it is hard to measure or tell the difference between healthful foods, and fast foods in some instances.

Have you ever been a guest to dinner at a friend or family member's house and the food served is highly salted/sweet/ greasy? more-so than you would have gotten at a fast food restaurant?

If you are ever given reason to visit a dietitian's office you will discover that every single thing in the pot including cooking method counts in the accounting of calories. A meal of rice and peas and fried chicken would need to account for: the  piece of chicken, size of the piece, skinless or with skin, amount of rice, amount of peas, salt, milk, e.t.c.

And so you see that everything has to be accounted for as having significance. You are not able to do this with fast food and therefore this is where home cooked meals have the clear advantage.

Bottom Line
 Home-cooked does NOT equal to healthy, neither does fast food. As will always be reiterated on this blog, PORTIONS are just as important as the content of meals. Therefore in everything, moderation is key.
Your cooking methods can and will make you ill as well and therefore researching healthier meal preparation techniques will go a long way in becoming more healthy.

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