Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Being Food Savvy = Money Savvy

This blog is here for the mere purpose of  providing information for those who seek to become more efficient in their nutritional care.

If you follow the Eating to Survive series as well as reading my other blog post like Planning a days meal and Show me the Nutrition facts, you are well equipped with the knowledge on managing your nutrition. You are more empowered and you can make an informed decision as to who you will hand over your money to.
No blog post is written without the express intention of making you more empowered and in control of your nutrition and by extension your finances.

The Problem
I recently had a conversation with a young lady who was having a hard time figuring out where her money went every month. Quite exasperated, she went through the list of  things she had to pay for and the greatest expense for her was food. She stated that her meals cost between $300-$400 JMD  per day. In the next breath she stated that she does not do much grocery shopping she only purchases some breakfast items and that was it.

After sitting down and calculating, we realized that she was spending between $6000-$8000 JMD on food alone per month. You should note that these meals are prepared by someone else, she has no control over what is in these meals and she has little control over portions and therefore may or may not be consuming the right amount of food per day. She might also be wasting the food and money by throwing away the food if the portions are too large.
Being a University student, this young lady has other expenses to undertake and this was what was causing her to be almost stretched to her breaking point.

Being Food Savvy = Money Savvy

 We came up with a plan, She was going to plan her meals and go grocery shopping. Instead of purchasing meals and juice, she was going to bring her own bottled water or juice with her to school. She would bring her own food, whether a sandwich or leftovers from the night before,and purchase her fruits and snacks on the campus. 

She is now more empowered and feels like she has control over her spending. Now in this way she also has control over her nutrition. She will know exactly how much oil, salt and sugar is used to prepare her meals. She will also be able to control her portion sizes  and ensure she consumes  amount she needs to keep her full and focused on her school work.

Feel free to go through the previous blog posts. They are here for you to gain the requisite knowledge for you to be Food Savvy.


Armada Volya said...

There is a misconception that eating healthy costs too much money. In my household we spend less money on food for 2 people and 2 cats than one person would on the regular unhealthy diet. We just know where to shop to get good quality food for less. I live in the US so for us to spend under $100 per week on food for 2 people in almost unheard of. We cook all of our meals at home and I make tea to take to work. My hubby works overnight so he used to get energy drinks, I now make him tea from herbs that boost energy levels.

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Tanya said...

I agree Armada. All it takes is proper planning before doing grocery shopping.
The information is out there. Just for us to make a concerted effort to spend and plan wisely.
I love herbal teas as well, they have a calming effect on me.
Thank you for your comment and keep it up.
Spread the word.

Aurie said...

I needed this post in my life like a year ago. Better late than never. I will definitely be bookmarking this post for reference.
Although, I would consider myself a sound money manager, I must confess that my food expenditures are the only place where I tend to lose that control. It's amazing that I can plan and execute in almost every area except that one. my lady has her work cut out for her, but i'm sure she'll keep me in check and i'll be the better for her diligence and mine as well.

Tanya said...

That's right Aurie. Many people spend because of convenience. However the convenience at the end of the day is to the vendors.
Planning your meal allow you to save a lot of money even if it takes a bit more time than usual.
The results will be more beneficial however.
Thank you for your comment.
Try it and let me know how you find it.