Saturday, February 5, 2011

Value shopping in the 876

Everyone loves a bargain, however sadly in Jamaica there aren't many places that offer these.
I have been to supermarkets and found the coupons for essential items as well as some items that no one would normally purchase in some obscure corners, or hidden under mountains of other items. What is achieved by doing this?
I  grew up watching a lot of Cable TV, and I have always seen the sales and bargains that are offered every where on my television. This does not take place in Jamaica.
 Jamaicans are very kind people, however this does not seem to be reflected by corporate Jamaica.
There are not many "sales", for anything at all, nor are there any real bargains.Whenever stores claim to be having a sale there is usually not much different from general shopping prices.

In the past two weeks I have seen the Ministry of Agriculture make two separate attempts at hosting a Farmers market.This is very encouraging for me as a nutrition professional because it signifies that IF this trend is maintained,  we will be able to buy Jamaican goods in surplus and at cheaper rates. This is good for our very hardworking farmers and also Jamaicans who are now a step closer to achieving some amount of  food security.I applaud the effort and hope it takes off in every parish of this country.

Wanting value shopping and coupons for me may be geared more towards food because without ease of access to food, our people will perish. Any business owner who reads this post, ponder this for a minute and tell me what you think.Consumers, tell me what items you would love to see coupons for or greater access to value for. Jamaicans, what do you think of the Farmers market, recently hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture?

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