Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Jamaican Rice and Peas

Jamaican Rice and Peas
Rice and Peas

This is a major part of the traditional Jamaican diet. Rice and Peas is usually rice and red kidney beans. Dried black eyed peas are also used. 1/4 pt of peas to 1lb of rice is usually adequate. Dried peas are put on the stove in cold water.

1/4 pt.       dried red peas
1lb            rice
2 stalks     scallion
2 tsp        salt
1 tbsp      sugar
1 sachet   coconut milk

  1. Wash peas well before soaking and boil in the same water until soft. 
  2. Add the coconut milk.
  3. Add seasoning. Wash rice and add to peas. When water boils again reduce heat and cook on slow fire. Rice should be tender and all the liquid absorbed. (Near the end of cooking time, if the grains are not quite cooked, it is not advisable to add more water- place a piece of Saran wrap instead of foil on top of rice and cover. This usually finishes the cooking satisfactorily.)
  4. When cooked, stir with a fork before serving. 


Anonymous said...

Hi! My family and I were just in Jamaica this past week. I absolutely adored snorkling in the gorgeous ocean and eating the Caribbean food. I ate a Papaya vinaigrette served at the Holiday Inn in Montego Bay. I'm looking at your site now for a recipe! I also loved eating the "rice and peas" and will definitly be making this soon! Thanks for having this blog. Amy Kierce

Anonymous said...

ps What do you mean by a "sachet" of coconut milk? I use cans here in the states. If you could provide a measurement, I'd be grateful! Many thanks again. :)

Tanya Lambert said...

Hi Amy,
We have tinned/canned coconut milk as well as powdered coconut milk on the market here. To avoid adding too much water and ending up with soggy rice we just empty the sachet in the pot just before adding the rice and let everything cook from there.
You can try this recipe that uses tinned coconut milk http://www.jamaica-no-problem.com/jamaican-rice-and-peas.html
Good Luck!

Tanya Lambert said...

I'm so happy that you enjoyed your stay here! Do come back soon.