Thursday, January 20, 2011


In Jamaica when we talk about snacks, we are actually referring to cheese trix,bag juice, sweet biscuits, cookies, sweets and whatever little confection we can find.
However we all know that for the most part these foods simply fill us up with empty calories.How are we supposed to snack and consume healthy snacks?

Snacks are meant to be smaller than meals and  should be consumed between meals. They prevent you from becoming hungry and keep your blood sugar stable. This in turn helps you not to overeat and ensures that you consume the right amount of calories per day.

Healthy snacks are those snacks that provide more than empty calories, they offer nutrients and help you to reach your dietary goals.
Examples of healthy snacks are, fruits, yogurt,crackers, sandwich, fruit juice, biscuit, crackers and cheese, nuts, cashews, drinks, banana, plantain and potato chips (baked), meal replacement drinks such as Ensure or Supligen can also be used as snacks.

When you think of snacking, this is what you should have in mind. Parents should note that these are excellent replacement choices to empty calorie foods.

Feel free to comment below on your healthy snack choices.Your turn!

Breadfruit and Sweet Plantain Chips