Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Eating to Survive- Legumes

Continuing in the series, the second food group we'll discuss is Legumes. How much is enough?
Within the Legume food groups we find Peas and Beans.
Legumes are preferred by Vegetarians and is an excellent source of protein, if your are not a fan of meat. Unlike meat, Legumes contribute much less fat and much more fiber to the diet. 

In these times where the price of food is continually rising, meat will be much more expensive due to the increased cost in farming and preparation.Substituting peas and beans in it's stead will definitely ensure that you  are able consume the required amount of Protein daily. 
However, it should be noted that in order to get the same amount of protein, you may have to consume much more Legumes than meat. Peas and beans are a very good source of  fiber.
 Based on the guidelines governing the Caribbean as well as the different Legumes found within the region, the official servings for foods within this group are as follows.

Almonds (shelled)
2-3 seeds
Dahl, medium consistency
½ cup
Dried peas and beans (1 tbsp. dry) cooked
¼ cup
Green peas, canned
½ cup
Green Pigeon/Gungo Peas, broad beans
¼ cup
Stewed Peas
¼ cup
Baked Beans (canned without molasses and pork)
2 tbsp
Peanuts (salted or unsalted, roasted and shelled)
Cashew nuts (salted or unsalted, roasted and shelled)

One meal example is a well seasoned stewed peas recipe.
As you may have realised I am a fan of using alot of legumes in the diet. Try it sometime. 

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