Monday, October 4, 2010

Buy Jamaican, Grow Jamaican??

After excitedly informing my older sister that I would be starting my home garden and planning out in my mind all the profits I would earn from it, I was convinced that this was my calling. It would be amazing for me to be able to plant my own food. I would no longer have to gasp in mortification at the supermarket and shake my head in pity for my pocket. However, I would now do so for the many individuals who had no other choice.

My sister reluctantly accompanied me to purchase the seeds at Hipro, and convinced me buy only two packets of seeds, just in case I didn't follow through with my intentions. We decided to purchase string beans and peppers.

 I  now have a new found respect for farmers. After the first morning spent in the sun preparing my garden I was fully converted to the fact that I could use this as a method of keeping fit, I was in pain from head to toe.

 Six months later, I have only just prepared my garden a month ago and I am still waiting on my plants.
 Upon some reflection I have come to a very humbling realization. Farmers are the professionals at this and they should be rewarded for their dedication to this job. Just as we would not attempt to go online and diagnose ourselves  instead of visiting the Doctor, we need to appreciate that Farmers for have the dedication and fortitude to cultivate crops. We should support them by purchasing their goods.

Yes I believe we should buy Jamaican, but Grow Jamaican?? not for me...... however I challenge you to try.

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Tanya Marie Lambert

Nutrition Consultant


Taryn said...

Buy Jamaican all the way, let the professionals do their jobs for real! Buy Jamaican and Nutritionist, the professionals, will guide you through the healthy preparation of these Jamaican foods!

Tanya said...

Thank you and welcome to my blog Taryn.