Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why are we avoiding Carbs?

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There is no reason to restrict carbohydrate from the diet unless you are suffering from some medical condition requiring you to do so. However, there is value in reducing the amount of calories in the diet as we tend to over eat foods with this nutrient. This can be avoided by portioning our meals correctly. Your body needs carbohydrates to perform its daily functions. All the carbohydrate we eat is broken down into sugars that the body will then use or store as fat.

As it pertains to avoiding Carbohydrates and the body, you should know:   
  • The brain uses approximately 20% of the energy we consume per day. Your brain prefers to use carbohydrates as its main energy source. Therefore if you are getting most of your calories from non- carbohydrate sources, your brain isn't really getting what it wants. With prolonged carbohydrate restriction and the body will use its fat stores. Your brain can use the ketone bodies that are produced from the breakdown of fat, but it cannot use fatty acids. The brain can use ketone bodies after the fatty acids have been used up.

  • Having little to no carbohydrates in the diet may lead to a change in your mood, headaches and lower energy levels. Many persons have reported feeling these symptoms when they are hungry, or haven't eaten for a while the same applies to persons who restrict carbohydrates. However, some studies suggest that combining carbohydrate restriction with exercise may improve your mood and encourage weight loss.   

There are so many sources of carbohydrate; you will most likely not be able to totally eliminate carbohydrate from the diet you also do not need to. Portion control and experimenting with different types of Carbohydrate will serve to improve your culinary experience. Try new sources of carbohydrates. For example, instead of rice, try more on pasta, and ground provision such as sweet potatoes, green bananas, and pumpkin (starchy vegetable) e.t.c.
Below are some of the common sources of carbohydrate that I was able to find around my household. 

Some sources of Carbohydrate

What reasons do you have for restricting Carbohydrates?