Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jamaica Restaurant Week : My experience... so far

November 11 - 19 is  Restaurant Week here in Jamaica. A couple of friends and I decided to join in and see what it was all about. 
According to the official website: 
Restaurant Week spans three cities, Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios, and this will give diners more opportunities to share in one of the island's most celebrated culinary experiences.

All participating restaurants will offer a choice of pre-selected three-course dinner menus. Restaurants will offer three-course meals (appetizer, main course and dessert) in one of five categories:

  • "Tasty" dinner menus are $1,450
  • "Savory" are $2,000
  • "Delectable" meals are $3,300
  • "Epicurean" experiences are available for $3,800 and
  • "Nyam and Scram"

We went to Rafaele's Gourmet Pizzeria , and their Restaurant Week menu is as follows: 

Appetizer – Antipasta
Roman Salad or Bertoni Soup
Avacado Pizza – In Season Avocado Pear Layered on a bed of assorted Cheeses, Farm Fresh Lettuce tossed in Mayonnaise, Market Tomatoes and topped with Diced Jerked Chicken Breast.
Naples Delight Pizza - Crumbled Italian Sausage with Caramelized Onions and Basil topped with Mozarella and Blue Cheese.
Barbecue Pollo Pizza – Hickory Smoked Flavoured BBQ Chicken topped with Smoked Gouda, Farm Fresh Cilantro and Red Market Onions.
Penne Chorizo e Alfredo - Sauteed Spanish Chorizo Sausages in Alfredo with Penne Pasta.
Sweet Climax

Roman Salad

Bertoni Soup

Bertoni Soup

Complimentary Drink

Avocado Pizza

Naples Delight Pizza

Penne Chorizo e Alfredo

Penne Chorizo e Alfredo

Table for 4

This experience was great, great food and great company. I recommend that you take a look at the Restaurant Week  website, and go out and enjoy yourself. There is great food to be had! 

Photos courtesy of IslandGypsy and Ivana Miller.


Anonymous said...

The avocado pieces look too large for the pizza, i think smaller pieces would have looked more put together

Ryo Stylin said...

Hmmmm your choices look delish!!!

Tanya said...

@Anonymous, I thought that there would have been bite sized pieces as well but, it tasted good nonetheless.
Thank you for your comment, tell a friend. Like us on Facebook if you haven't so far. =)

Tanya said...

@Ryo, They not only look delicious they were! The Naples pizza was such a pleasant surprise. I bit into it and then I tasted something sweet, and I'm like, What is this doing here? But it was really tasty and spicy. Sigh...