Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Jamaican Jerk Tour

The Jamaican Jerk Tour from Diana Ogilvie on Vimeo.

Journey with Award winning Director Diana O'Gilvie  to the home of Jerk, Jamaica. This film is a natives take on this very unique and vital tradition dating back to the island's earliest inhabitants.

The film will briefly touch on the history of jerking and how the cooking method has evolved. The question that’s central to the discussion is “What is it about jerk that has catapulted Jamaica into a global culinary star?” Culinary chefs like Marcus Samuelsson and Emeril Lagasse have used jerk seasoning in their restaurants and cooking shows.  Jerk is global, but its essence is in the simple amalgamation of organic ingredients grown in Jamaica.  Jerk has emerged from Jamaican street food to the menus of world class chefs who pontificate their ethnic offerings.

This film will even go one step further to see how young, creative chefs like Renee Rose Currier in New Mexico are interpreting Jamaican jerk recipes.  This tour aspect will shift the focus from jerk as a traditional Jamaican dish to one with international flair.  New Mexico will open the door to more intimate dinners with budding chefs all across America.  The popular Brooklyn restaurant Jive Turkey will also be featured with their Jerk Fried Turkey.

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Anonymous said...

looking forward to this. jerk:-) yummy.

Tanya said...

I am also.. should be quite a treat! =)