Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fact or Fiction? Healthy Eating is too expensive

What is "Healthy Eating"?  What does it mean to you? Do you eat healthy?  

A survey that I carried out here in Jamaica in 2009 revealed that, most persons who said they eat healthy, were actually not doing so, because they did not know what healthy eating was. The other respondents told me that eating healthy was too expensive so they would just eat what they could afford.How can you say eating healthy is too expensive if you don't know what healthy eating is? 

The respondents from the study who said they do or try to eat healthy, when asked about their eating patterns, did not eat foods from one or more of the six food groups. They therefore could not be eating healthy. 

What is Healthy Eating?

Eating healthy requires for you to consume foods from the 6 food groups in their correct portions. 
The Eating to survive series and other blog posts contain the information you need to do this can be found in this blog. 
Other resources found in this blog include:  lists of each of the food groups with the serving sizes listed, information on how to decipher nutrition facts and food labels, a video demonstrating how to plan a days meal and ensuring that you consume all the food groups in their correct proportions. 

There is no special food that you eat that will make you healthy, all you need to do is ensure variety and portion control. More information on portion control will be coming shortly.

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