Thursday, February 10, 2011

Breakfast is Best for the Body

jamaican breakfast
Typical Jamaican Breakfast
This morning I got up late and rushed to the bathroom. I charged out of the house, half dressed. I didn't stop until I was around my desk. By 10 am, I was feeling tired and swamped. I had a lot of work to do so I figured I'd just forget about having a snack and push through till lunch.

Lunch time came around and normally I would have had a small lunch but today I was really hungry. I buy the largest size lunch available because I have to make up for the breakfast I just missed. Sounds familiar? I can identify.
Missing breakfast is detrimental to your body. The brain uses 20% of energy the body uses per day, therefore you should eat breakfast mainly to supply your brain.
What about persons who sleep through day and work during the night? Not because we all think of breakfast as a morning meal means that you can't have breakfast at other times of the day. I would recommend having breakfast at least within one hour of waking up, this means no matter what time you wake up.
Breakfast also should be a  heavy meal, this is to get the metabolic rate going. This is the rate at which the body burns energy, the higher the metabolic rate, the more energy(fat), your body burns.Something as simple as having a breakfast will help with this.
You can now see why you will always be encouraged to start your weight loss journey or your journey to a healthier life with simply having Breakfast.

What reasons did you have for not having Breakfast?
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